About Us

Our Core Values

It is our intent to be recognized as an organization of undisputed quality and customer satisfaction which demands and achieves excellence in every aspect of our performance. We purpose and expect to operate according to the consistent application of the following nine Core Values:

Pride, Integrity, and Respect

As a company, we believe in maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior in relationships with our customers and vendors.  From ourselves, we demand honesty, decency, and fairness, and we actively encourage a climate of openness, mutual respect, and teamwork.

Customer Satisfaction

We earn the respect of our customers by producing a superior product at a fair price and craftsmanship.  With our credibility and creativity, we share the responsibility with our customers for the quality of our product.  Customer satisfaction is the goal of every individual at KStyle G.C.


As craftsmen, we take pride in every project we work on.  We insist that affordable quality is the guiding principle in the way we conduct business.

Competitively Profitable

We strive to consistently remain competitive while producing a level of profitability that permits steady company growth and provides the financial base for attaining our overall objectives.

Employee Equality

As employees of KStyle G.C., we pledge to work in a community where every member’s contribution is important.  Our achievements will result from our working together.


We are committed to continual growth by encouraging new ideas, testing new markets, creating the opportunity for individual growth, and by meeting both the current and future needs of our customers.

Vendor Relationships

Building mutually beneficial business relationships with key suppliers and subcontractors are important to our success.  We will seek suppliers and contractors who are willing to work in partnership.

Commitment to Excellence

Our goals as a company are efficiency, competence, integrity, stability, professionalism, consistency, service and most of all, a commitment to our customers to provide the most excellent service possible.